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Versatile service

Whether you need high-speed Internet for home, office, or shop, Jersey Shore Wireless can meet your needs.

Jersey Shore Wireless Wireless High-Speed Internet Services Page  

Look below to see your savings by choosing High-Speed Wireless Internet from Jersey Shore Wireless...

All payments are per-month in advance based on 1 or 2 year contacts.
Service Plan E-mails Static IP's 2 Years 1 Year
Business 5MB/5MB 15 1 $100 $125
Business 10MB/10MB 20 2 $150 $175
Business 20MB/20MB 25 2 $200 $225
Business 50MB/50MB 30 3 $250 $300


The above charges are all inclusive except for a one time charge for customer premises equipment (CPE) and a standard installation charge. One time charge may be broke down into 3 monthly payments. Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) becomes property of the customer. Due to terrain, non-line of site and other geographic restrictions, service may not be available to all customers. Jersey Shore Wireless will perform a free site survey to determine service availability but reserves the right not to provide service. Email mailbox size is limited to 250 MB. Subject to terms and conditions of the Jersey Shore Wireless Broadband Agreement.

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