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Current System Status - Jersey Shore Wireless Wireless High-Speed Internet

JerseyShoreWireless.com Current System Status

greenDuxPond.COM Monitoring Network green Green - Up and Running
yellow Yellow - intermittent problems/brief outage
red Red - Offline

onlineDennisville: Main Router
onlineDennisville: DNS / DHCP Server
onlineDennisville: Web & Mail Server
onlineDennisville: Media Streaming Server
onlineDennisville: NOAA Weather Radio KHB38
onlineDennisville: Wireless AP 1
onlineDennisville: Wireless AP 2
onlineDennisville: Wireless AP 3

onlineCape May Harbor: Main Router
onlineCape May Harbor: DNS / DHCP Server
onlineCape May Harbor: 5.8GHz (P2P WILDWOOD)
onlineCape May Harbor: Wireless AP N
onlineCape May Harbor: Wireless AP E
onlineCape May Harbor: Wireless AP S
onlineCape May Harbor: Wireless AP W
onlineCape May Harbor: Sea Tow Network
onlineCape May Harbor: Atlantic Capes Fisheries Network

onlineWildwood 5.8GHz (P2P CAPE MAY HARBOR)
onlineWildwood 5.8GHz AP NORTH
onlineWildwood 5.8GHz AP WEST
onlineWildwood 5.8GHz AP SOUTH

onlineOcean City: Main Router
onlineOcean City: Wireless AP N
onlineOcean City: Wireless AP S

onlineWashington Twp: Main Router
onlineWashington Twp: Wireless AP
onlineWashington Twp: WNJC Stream
onlineWashington Twp: WNJC EAS
onlineWashington Twp: CCR Firewall / Router
onlineWashington Twp: CCR Video Server 1
onlineWashington Twp: CCR Video Server 2
onlineWashington Twp: CCR Video Server 3

onlineSwainton: Avalon Golf Club
FEED - Connection to DuxPond.COM Network
P2P - Point to Point
P2MP - Point to Multipoint
AP - Access Point

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