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Jersey Shore Wireless is a full service Wireless Broadband Provider We offer an altenative to T1's, DSL, Cable and Dialup for the Jersey Shore.


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About Jersey Shore Wireless DBA DuxPond Communications

Jersey Shore Wireless DBA DuxPond Communcations was founded in 2001 by John "Duke" Hamann based in Eldora, NJ. Jersey Shore Wireless serves Southern New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore Wireless offers many different services including but not limited to Wireless Broadband Access for those who cannot get satisfactory Internet connections via phone lines, cable, or satellite; Point to Point Networks for businesses that want 2 or more locations wirelessly interconnected; we service and install VHF, UHF and MICROWAVE voice and data radio links including transmitters, receivers and antennas; we offer Audio and Video Streaming including onsite setup, filming and delivery; we sell and install security cameras, including DVR systems with remote monitoring; we offer anyone on our wireless networks Voice and Video over IP services; we offer remote security monitoring of cameras and alarm systems.

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