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*50Mb & 100Mb Service may not be available in All Locations



Jersey Shore Wireless Site Survey with Russ & John
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Fixed Broadband Internet for The Jersey Shore


How much can you save by purchasing the exact amount of Internet Bandwidth you need from Jersey Shore Wireless compared to the expensive "Legacy" Phone Company's T-1, plus local loop charges? Look at OUR PRICES to see your savings.

Jersey Shore Wireless Internet service in New Jersey:

All payments are per-month in advance based on 1 or 2 year contacts.
Service Plan 2 Years 1 Year
Business 5MB/5MB $150 $250
Business 10MB/10MB $175 $275
Business 25MB/25MB $200 $300
Business 50MB/50MB $400 $500
Business 100MB/100MB $600 $700

The above charges are all inclusive except for a one time charge for customer premises equipment (CPE) and a standard installation charge. One time charge may be broke down into 3 monthly payments. Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) becomes property of the customer. Due to terrain, non-line of site and other geographic restrictions, service may not be available to all customers. Jersey Shore Wireless may need to perform a site survey to determine service availability but reserves the right not to provide service. Subject to terms and conditions of the Jersey Shore Wireless Broadband Agreement.

Why Wireless?

Can I get it where I live?

Look at the diffent maps above. If your location is in the yellowed area or close to it, call us at 609-780-7616 and request a site survey. A clear signal must exist between our antenna and your site. Tall Buildings and trees can block coverage, many locations inside the yellow have been tested and can get a good signal.

How to order

Getting your high-speed Internet connection is simple:

  1. Call us at 609-780-7616. One of our Wireless Engineers will visit your location to make sure you can get a clear signal.
  2. Arrange a date for installation and setup. Our Engineers will do the rest.

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